Monday, June 9, 2008

Everybody Bok Choy Tonight

Even though I had some baby bok choy mixed in with other vegetables last week, I considered this my first real bok choy experience--just me and the bok choy and nowhere to hide.

Was I worried? Heck yeah! I was worried about it being a member of the cabbage family. Now you have to understand, I'm eastern European, so my experience with cabbage is halupkis and that waterlogged, colorless chunk of cabbage my mom used to fish out of the pot when she made soup. How was I going to eat this stuff?

One thing you have to remember if you're going to cook bok choy is that the thicker, stem pieces are going to take longer to cook than the leaves. So you need to chop everything up. Ger ate a few pieces as he was chopping and said it had a nice taste. I said I'd wait until it was cooked!

So Gerry sauteed it with some ginger and garlic...

I had to admit, it looked pretty nice.

How was it? Not cabbagey! I didn't think it had a whole lot of flavor, but it wasn't disagreeable, and the ginger was really nice with it. Everyone tells me I have to try it with soy sauce, which is another thing I've never eaten, but I'm glad I got to taste it relatively plain. Gerry said he preferred it raw. If we get another bunch, I guess I'll be trying it both raw and with soy sauce!

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