Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vegetable List, Week 14

Every week, we get a hand out from the farm. Sometimes it's just a list of what we're getting, and sometimes it has recipes. Anyway, today is the first time I noticed it says "Vegetable List" at the top, and it struck me as so funny. Vegetable List. Why is that cracking me up?

ANYWAY, Gerry and I aren't too excited about our vegetables this week. There's nothing wrong with the vegetables, but I'm just getting over a stomach thing and Gerry...well, he's, um, doing colonoscopy prep tonight, so....

Salad mix, all washed and ready to go
wax beans
cucumbers and pickles
summer squash assortment
bell peppers
bull's horn peppers
hot peppers

There were apparently ALL kinds of hot peppers from which to choose, but Ger limited himself to a few jalapenos, for, um, later in the week.

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