Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Eats

It's not easy to take a nice picture of corn on the cob! I suppose if there was something else on the plate, it would look better. Oh well, just revel in the goodness that is corn.

Gerry and I didn't have much of a holiday weekend, but we made sure to save some corn and watermelon for our picnic supper on Monday night. I had to relearn how to eat watermelon with seeds, but it is a delicious melon! Just had it again, ice cold. Yum.

When I was a kid, corn was always cooked in a pot of water, so that is how I insist on having it until this day. Even my mom uses a microwave now, but it just doesn't seem the same to me. And on the grill? No way! How do you cook your corn on the cob?


Laine said...

I've had it on the grill, and its good, but it takes way too long, especially with the soaking in the husks beforehand.

But microwave? That's sacrilege to do that to some fresh corn! Pot on the stove for me! And for some ridiculously short amount of time, like 3 minutes, or its overcooked and mushy.

Mmm, fresh corn--how you have me hungry!

KLS said...

I either grill it (husked and wrapped in foil) or microwave it (husked and wrapped in waxed paper).

MJ said...

I steam it on the stove and wouldn't think of doing it any other way! Why would you? It steams in like minutes! I've never had it in the microwave and can't imagine doing so! I think my hubby may divorce me if I ever considered it!

Darling Petunia said...

Ah HA! So I'm not nuts for liking it done on the stove! Wait'll I tell my mom!