Sunday, October 12, 2008


We received our shares for weeks 20 and 21 within 4 days of each other, so we were a little concerned about using everything. That's really been our biggest challenge this summer--using everything. Some weeks it just seemed too hot to cook (or eat for that matter), and other weeks we weren't home much. So we struggled a little, but we've learned some things too. For one thing, we were a little late to the whole freezing idea!

The picture above is week 20. The blue Xs represent things we passed along to my mom. The red and white Xs are things we've eaten ourselves. We weren't in a big hurry to eat the second butternut squash, because we knew it would keep, so it looks like the one thing that really went to waste from this share is the arugula. Sorry, arugula.
Week 21, though. Ugh. We should be shot. The good news is everything is still edible, and Gerry has plans for the zucchini and some of the peppers. He also has all day tomorrow to play around with the other stuff! We'll see what he comes up with.

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