Friday, June 12, 2009

2009 News

A few people have emailed and asked what's going on regarding our participation in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) this summer.

We had a great time with the CSA, trying new things, seeing exactly where our food was grown, and enjoying the freshest produce imaginable. Unfortunately, we had to admit that the CSA was not going to work for us this summer. Gerry has taken on some additional duties at work, which resulted in schedule changes and a bit of unpredictability. And if you're familiar with my skill level in the kitchen...well, let's just say Snoopy and I have a lot in common.

That is not to say we are going to pass up the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits and veg as much as we can. We'll be visiting some very local farms to scout out our favorites. So we'll still be supporting local agriculture--it'll just be a bit more low key. I promise we'll still share any new recipe discoveries...and I'll still take zucchini muffins into work at least a few times this summer!

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