Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paws for Greens

Last week was kind of a blur, and I forgot to share this little video I made of our cat, Isabella, eating a beet leaf. (It's better than it sounds, really!)

Isabella's veggie bent came to light back in 2008 when we first joined the Myerov Farm CSA. She would meet us at the door and couldn't wait to see what we had in the bags for her to try next--kale, spinach, corn husks, you name it!

Come to think of it, she's tried more vegetables than I have. Hmm. Maybe she should guest post.

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Grace said...

Adorable! We enjoy your posts, Susan. My husband, Al, and I are new to the farm this year. We're making Indian Braised Chard with tofu for dinner tonight. But first, I'll have to offer our cat, Momo, a leaf!