Friday, July 22, 2011

Too Hot to Cook

With temperatures hitting triple digits and no air conditioning in the kitchen, we're avoiding the stove at all costs. Luckily, this week's share included a nice basket of cucumbers, perfect for pickling! Unfortunately, Susan HATES pickles-fortunately, I love 'em! Let the pickling adventure begin!
A search for "ice-box pickles" turned up hundreds of similar recipes. Dill vs. bread and butter? Spears vs. slices? How to decide? What to pick? After mulling it over, I decided I wanted to try bread and butter slices. The key element I was looking for was a recipe that was truly "no cook." The last thing I wanted to do on a 105 degree day was put a pot of water on the stove, heat it up and have the resulting evaporation add to our general discomfort! So, I found a recipe that called for salt, sugar, vinegar, mustard seed, turmeric, celery seed and NO stove!

I used two bell peppers from our recent shares, a sweet onion, cut into generous wedges, and the basket of pickling cukes cut into chunky slices. All that was left to do then was throw the veggies in a gallon container, pour the pickling spice mixture over them, and refrigerate. That's it!

After letting them sit for about twenty-four hours, I thought they could use a little more time. They taste really good--a nice, crispy snap and delicious spice mix, but they will taste even better with a little more time in the fridge! [Susan's note: I may join them.]

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Velga said...

I will make some today!