Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Got the Beets

Tonight we're going to the long-awaited U2 concert, so dinner was something quick and easy. Gerry bought a grill at the tail end of summer last year (great deal!) and was really looking forward to getting it out this year. I figured we had a backlog of beets so maybe grill + beets was an option. One quick Google search turned up many hearty endorsements for grilled beets so it was a go!

Confession: Once Ger started to slice the beets, I felt like a complete fool for ever wondering what they were. The kitchen smelled like a borscht factory! These beets have one distinct advantage over the red variety: no staining! ==Handing over the keyboard to Gerry== So I grilled beets--and I like them! I didn't grill them for the eight minutes suggested in the recipes. About five is enough, probably because the beets are smaller. They are just soft enough without falling apart. Along with the beets I threw a few squash on there, because I know this is just the start of zucchini season, and we'll need as many variations as possible! Everything just got a brush of good olive oil, salt and fresh cracked pepper, and it is delicious! Just as the comments on the recipe say, the charred bits are a nice contrast to the sweetness of the beets. Oddly enough, that was the one comment Susan made about the beets. (Yes, I MADE her take a bite!) She thought they were too sweet. [And too beet-y, but the zucchini I can eat.] Along with some chicken from Bolton's, we had a great pre-concert dinner! Now off to the show!


Velga said...

That looked SO good! I wish that I had a grill!

Paula Jo @ Outdoor Garden Decor said...

Looks like you really had a good meal. It looked fantastic, and I hope you enjoyed your U2 concert.