Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why I Saved My Tomatoes

One of the great things about farm fresh produce is that it has tremendous shelf life when you get it home, especially if you store it properly! I had saved most of the tomatoes from last week's half-share, hoping to combine them into a pasta dish with tomatoes this week. I was delighted to find not only tomatoes but also zucchini and basil in this week's half-share. Everything was falling into place! Perfect!

Being diabetic, I went about five years without EVER eating pasta--EVER! Then I discovered Dreamfields pasta. Somehow they make it so that it is extremely low in digestible carbs, which makes it ideal for me. I found a recipe for pasta with fresh tomatoes and zucchini and went to work!

The ingredients are pretty basic--again, great to use stuff I already have! I cut my zucchini on the bias and then halved them. I used 1/2 of a red onion cut a little thicker than the recipe calls for. I also used red wine vinegar because it's what I had. I am sure I could have used red or white wine for the recipe just as well. We did buy a few extra zucchini at the farm stand down the road from us, but I'm sure we'll have PLENTY to work with in the coming weeks!

I've started using my bread knife to cut tomatoes--don't tell Susan! I've contaminated the bread knife! I find it makes for easier slicing, especially when the tomatoes are really ripe! There are two cloves of garlic under there too-you can just see them peeking out from under the tomatoes.

First you sautee the zucchini and onion.

Then everything heads into the big pot for a nice simmer.

Toss in your cooked pasta and Bob's your uncle! It's done! a really nice, light pasta dish. I'm pretty sure this will taste great hot or cold. I enjoyed it tonight with some turkey sausage from my favorite farm market, Bolton's.

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Velga said...

That looks so fresh & healthy!