Monday, September 12, 2011

P is for Peppers!

P is for peppers! Sweet peppers, hot peppers, tiny peppers, big peppers--have we got peppers! The nutritional info shown to the right is for sweet peppers, specifically, but peppers in general follow that pattern. They are low in calories, have zero fat or cholesterol, and provide a ton of vitamin C. One thing I was interested to find out is that red bell peppers, in addition to having a more mellow flavor, contain MORE nutrients than their green counterparts. So go for the color for maximum nutrition!

Just look at all the different types of peppers we've been getting!

Looks like some of those rare "cucumber peppers" got into this basket. We heard the yellow variety in this basket is HOT HOT HOT, but we've been too chicken to try them!

And my favorites, the teeny weeny miniatures!
(I like cute food.)

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Velga said...

I've been loving all of the different varieties!
Yes - beware of the yellow Fatalli peppers. Use them in small quantities!
You might want to wear some gloves, as well, while chopping them.