Monday, October 3, 2011

What Do I Do With a Gourd?

I've been trying all day to post this blurb Gerry wrote about gourds, and it hasn't been cooperating, so I am going to start over from scratch!

When Ger was at the farm on Friday picking up our half-share, another CSA member asked what to do with the gourds. Gerry told him he was planning to dry ours to make birdhouses, and he would post information later. Well, it's MUCH later now, but better late than never!

How to Dry Gourds
Another Take on Drying Gourds--Great info here!
Making a Gourd Birdhouse

This is an example of a gourd birdhouse we bought down in Kinzers, PA at Smucker's Gourds. We like the natural look of the gourds hanging in our trees, and birds really do use them!

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