Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2nd Week's Share

Gosh, this picture came out badly! I'll post better close-ups of everything as we try things!

baby bok choy
tat soi
red adirondack potatoes
green onions
purple basil


Swansong said...

Ok itties asleep... had to wait till I had time to look up your two lettuce varieties. Which I did not know they were lettuces till I could google.

The tat one looks pretty good actually. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Looks good! I hope you like tat soi better than I did! Or maybe it was just that my CSA gave us SO much EVERY single week last year so I got sick of it. I enjoyed it best just mixed in salads, or used as a bit of a topping on a sandwich. Every time I tried to do something more intricate with it, I wasn't thrilled.

Susan said...

Hi, guys!

Crystal, I wouldn't have known what they were either! Luckily we get a little paper each week explaining what everything is. I'll post more about them once I've eaten a little more.

Jeanne, I just tried a little of the tat soi and mizuna. More on that later!