Sunday, May 25, 2008

Roast Asparagus

What's the trick to delicious roast asparagus? We attempted it tonight, and it was less than delicious. I actually preferred the steamed stuff from the other night. Ger said he put some olive oil and garlic on it, which sounded pretty good in theory, but in reality it was very bland and kind of slimy. Blech! I ate my share anyway, and this time I liked the tips better, because they were at least sort of crunchy.

Alas, tonight I bid adieu to the potatoes. There was one left, so I had hashbrowns. They aren't very photogenic, but let me assure you, they were DELICIOUS!

That's some of the famous no-knead bread on the side. If you somehow missed hearing about that, there's an explanation on my other blog. We are addicted to that stuff!


Laine said...

My favorite way to eat asparagus is with a little olive oil, some seasoned salt (or just salt and pepper) and some parmesan cheese. You can either cook it up in a frying pan, or make a packet out of foil and throw it on the grill. Not too much oil, or it gets slimy like you said, and the season salt and cheese gives it some nice flavor.

Susan said...

Hmm, so maybe it was just too much oil? We have a tiny bit left, so maybe we'll try it in a foil packet on the grill today. Thanks!

Swansong said...

I like asparagus and I am not too fond of it roasted myself. I only like the crispy tips like you.

Hopefully the packet idea will turn out better for you- if it does please share. I really should be buying and eating more veggies for myself and introducing my "sprog" *heh to them. :)

Susan said...

Hi, Swansong (aka Crystal)!
We never did get around to the foil packet thing yesterday--too much chaos! My husband steamed the final few spears of last week's share tonight. I have to admit, they're growing on me.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I roast my asparagus in a HOT oven-- at least 400. It looks like you might have varying thicknesses there, so maybe put the thick ones in a couple of minutes before the thin? I just drizzle the stalks with a bit of olive oil (a misto works well here, too), and then sprinkle them with pepper and kosher salt. Roast until done-- I like them crisp, so not too long. If I am sprinkling parmesan cheese on, I do that 3-5 minutes or so before the end of time, so it makes little crisp bits.
I am happy to hear it is growing on you! I forget-- Do you eat eggs?

Susan said...

Hi, Jeanne! Glad to see you here!

We're going to have a do-over on the roasted asparagus sometime this week. I wish we could have dug right in last night, but we're having a couple of hectic days at work.