Saturday, May 31, 2008


That's what they called these potatoes during development at Cornell...betcha didn't know that!

After last week's delicious potatoes, I was thrilled to find more in this week's share. This week it's a potato I wasn't familiar with: Adirondack red potatoes. The info sheet we received described them as pink inside. Pink! Inside!

You all know I love potatoes, but I made myself hold off on these until a good bit of the rest of the share was eaten. Gerry and I talked about what to do with them and decided to go for basic baked potatoes. I didn't want to do anything to alter the color.

Wow! I was surprised by just how pink they were inside! Ger said he was surprised that a red potato baked so well, but later I found out that these are classified as all purpose potatoes and baking is one of the things they do well. We both loved the results. They had wonderful texture and flavor, and the skin is very, very thin. Mmm.

The three we have left are on the menu for tonight, although I'm not sure how we're going to cook them. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

home fries to go with the egg
or potato pancakes

Darling Petunia said...

Mmmm...potato cakes. That's my mom's domain. Think I can convince her to come down here and make me some?