Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two (and even Three) Against One

For my next challenge, I went up against two at once: mizuna and tat soi. In case you haven't already noticed, Gerry does all the cooking around here. He's having a chaotic week, so my first taste of both greens was in the form of a salad. My first taste also happened to occur at work, so I had to refrain from making any hideous faces or spitting anything out.

Ger had tasted the greens as he was making the salad and declared them "very mild." No way in the world would I, with my virgin taste buds, agree with that assessment! To me, they were both pretty strong tastes when taken alone, but combined with the other things in the salad, it was fine. No grimaces, no tongue curling. And I ate the flowers! I don't think I've ever eaten a flower before.

I had more of the salad this afternoon, but tonight I told Gerry it was time to try this stuff cooked. He sauteed some of the mizuna, the tat soi, AND the baby bok choy for dinner.

It's true! It does mellow out when you cook it!

Some more (maybe too much) picky eater info: Besides adding some color, having the carrots in there was a big help to me, because they were something I was familiar with. The weirdest thing for me about the sauteed greens was the feel of them when I chewed. I'm not used to biting into something and not having it just snap. But now I know what to expect, so that's good. And look...we ate the whole thing!

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