Monday, June 16, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Broccoli gets a bad rap, so I felt a little trepidation when I saw it on our list this week. Truth be told, I was relieved when I found out it was only a small piece! Whew!

We got out the trusty steamer and combined the broccoli with this week's lovely peas and some carrots from the grocery store. After cooking in the inferno that was our kitchen last week, we're keeping it simple! (We love that steamer, by the way. It's from Pampered Chef, but we got it at the thrift shop cheap.)

My bowl is on top, with just one piece of broccoli stem. Gerry said not everyone likes it, so I only had to try one piece. Why does it look like all the green stuff is in MY bowl? Hmm.

The verdict? I liked it! It does a good job of holding onto butter ---laughing wildly---. The stem part, eh. It was a little woody for me, but I'm sure it would be okay peeled.

That's it for the peas this week. I'll miss them.

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