Saturday, August 9, 2008

CSA Lunch

I feel like a slouch, because there haven't been many "Look what we ate!" posts, but we've been eating much of our stuff unadorned. Corn on the cob, tomatoes, cantaloupe--it's all delicious just the way it is!

Today's lunch, which I'm eating right now, is a sliced peach, a handful of endive and pea tops with some cucumber slices, and a piece of zucchini bread. Our handout from the farm this week suggested using the endive/pea top mix as an addition to other salad greens, but it's what we had in the fridge, so I'm just eating it as-is. Surprisingly, I'm not balking at the endive's slight bitterness like I once would have.

I am thrilled that we're getting cucumbers again! They were such a treat in the first few weeks, and I was sad to hear they'd been invaded by pests. Neil showed me some babies on the vine a few weeks ago. Can you see this one? It was about an inch long!

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