Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fridge, Freeze, Dry or ??

I couldn't resist taking this picture of the three herbs! The color of those chive flowers along with the green--isn't it beautiful?

Now, how to keep them beautiful. Last year, storing the herbs we received was one of our biggest failures. It seemed like no matter what we did, they looked terrible by the next day. My mom keeps telling me to dry them, but I want to use the NOW, of course! I do like the idea of freezing leaves of mint and lemon balm into ice cubes. That would be a convenient way to add a little different flavor to iced tea. Of course I gave all of our ice cube trays away when we got a fridge with an ice maker!

For now, I have the stems submerged in a glass of water, like flowers in a vase. I've been searching online for other tips. Some sites recommend putting a plastic bag loosely over the tops of the herbs after you've put them in water and then putting the whole thing in the fridge. Other sites say to wrap them loosely in a moist paper towel. Or there's Oprah's $30 solution, the Herb Savor. Pfft! What really works?


Paula Jo @ Outdoor Garden Decor said...

Gosh, I wish I could help you with you question about the herbs. Going herbs has been an idea for me for some time now, but just haven't. The herbs are just beutiful in the image, and the flower is so cute.

Anonymous said...

The plastic bag over the herbs in a glass with water absolutely works. I've even had basil continue to flourish and the flowers bloom! When it gets hot, keeping the herbs in a glass with water in the fridge works too (closer to the bottom where it isn't so cold).

Anonymous said...

To clarify: I leave the bag topped herbs on the counter. Kind of like a mini greenhouse?