Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gearing Up

Our season with Myerov Farm hasn't started yet, but we are starting to get into the groove with other locally grown vegetables. At Bolton's Farm Market, Gerry succumbed to the siren song of asparagus, and then we spied the spinach fresh from the field in its picking basket, so we had to have some of that as well! We then stumbled upon a small farmers' market on our way home and snagged some lettuce and these beautiful French breakfast radishes, which are new to us. Isabella has had her first taste of this season's fresh greens, and we will join her at dinner tonight with a big, fresh salad.

If you are thinking of joining a CSA this year, there's still time! If it's something you've never done, I urge you to take the plunge. You can see if there is a CSA local to you at the Local Harvest website. I guarantee you'll learn things, meet great people, and experience new tastes. You'll also be supporting the local economy and helping the environment by eliminating long-distance transport from the equation. C'mon, give it a go!

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Paula Jo @ Outdoor Garden Decor said...

What beautiful vegetables. The radishes are radiant. I love vegetables. I fix vegetables with every dinner meal, and I love vegetable salads. Everyone tells me, that I must be a rabbit. lol