Saturday, June 4, 2011

Leafy Greens

I couldn't resist taking pictures as we prepared our own "bagged salad" the other night. Everything was just so beautiful.

This being my first experience with radicchio, I was amazed by how beautifully the leaves nestled inside each other. I assure you I knew what radicchio was, I just never had the chance to take it apart!

Ger did the rinsing, and, boy, was there a lot of mud in the sink afterward!

I got to whirl it all in the salad spinner. We resisted buying a spinner for a long, long time, because it takes up a lot of space, but I love the thing. When we decided we wanted one, I told my mom, and she found one for me at a rummage sale that same week. It was only $2 and it works a treat!

The finished product.

Now, normally, we wouldn't just shove the lettuce into a plastic bag, but we had some special produce bags here, and they really do seem to work. When we're storing our leafy greens for a longer time or in a regular plastic bag, we throw a paper towel in with them.

What's your method for keeping leafy greens fresh?

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