Thursday, June 9, 2011

Local Produce

This is a veggie post with a twist, a different kind of local produce, if you will. Beautiful works by a local artist!

Farm Buildings on Derstine Road, available on Etsy

I have a friend named Taryn Day, and she is an artist. She paints, she draws, she teaches, and she is just plain good. Taryn started her blog a few years ago, and I always looked forward to seeing what she'd painted or whose portrait she'd done, so I was really excited when she asked if I would volunteer to have my portrait drawn and added to her portfolio. You can see the portraits she did of both me and Gerry over there in the sidebar. Pretty nice, huh?

Then, when Ger and I started to renovate our kitchen, I immediately skipped ahead about twenty seven steps and starting thinking about what I could hang on the walls. (Nevermind that we hadn't picked a paint color yet!) After looking at posters and prints and things online for a while, I finally realized I was overlooking a talented artist who was right under my nose! Worried that she might find my request trite and ridiculous, I asked Taryn if she might do some paintings of vegetables. To my delight, she jumped in and gave it a try, and the very first one she did was these radishes, which couldn't be more perfect.

A few paintings later, this radish turned up, and Gerry immediately said, "I want it!" That Gerry and his affinity for root vegetables!

Radicchio Lettuce available on Etsy
I hope you enjoyed this mini art show! With our shared appreciation of vegetables and beauty and all things local, I thought you might enjoy it!

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Editing to add: The radish painting is in a painting competition! My radish painting!

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