Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week Six

Here's week six! I'm thrilled the cucumbers are still coming, although we're down to one this week, so I fear the end is near. Also: chives, peas, baby spinach, tomatoes, jalapenos, radishes, and...I'm not sure! How embarrassing. I thought they were beets, then I saw them in the picture and thought, "Hmm, they look like turnips or rutabagas." But I cut one in half and there are rings in the flesh, so I think they're beets after all. Maybe an heirloom albino beet? Help me!

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Anonymous said...

We got some white and purple carrots- so maybe they were white beets. Did they taste like beets when you cooked them--sweet. We did get some turnips recently. I didn't even know that turnips grew this time of the year. They seem so wintery. We also got swiss chard too.