Monday, September 5, 2011

A Change of Pace...Or Not

Susan says: I've been after Gerry to make something that isn't based on tomatoes. Not only do I despise tomatoes, but the blog was looking like a gallery of tomato dishes! So when I saw this recipe in an old Martha Stewart magazine, I thought it would make a nice change from all the 'maters. Of course, look how it wound up: covered in salsa!

Gerry says: I made the recipe exactly as the directions stated--mark this day on your calendar--and it was absolutely delicious! I can see serving it with something like fried chicken and a green vegetable, especially on a cool fall evening. Then I thought about it a little bit and realized that most polenta is cooked and then fried, isn't it, in little patties? So I tried it with the polenta and fresh corn. WOW! EXCELLENT! I dressed them with a dollop of sour cream and a spoonful of fresh salsa and had a couple accompanied by an ice cold Corona. Perfect!

Susan interjects: How about homemade salsa with the polenta fries?

Gerry finishes up: I was expecting these to be a little firmer but that didn't happen. I think if I had used a bit less liquid in the original recipe they would have held up a bit better and been great as a finger food for football season.

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Velga said...

That looked good!
There are so many ways to prepare polenta.
Leave it as a porridge, or chill it in a baking sheet, cut it into squares or triangles, and sautee it all in a pan.

Here's one example:

Yum! Any cheese added would be good...