Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Squash

Susan found me a GOOD recipe, southwestern stuffed acorn squash, at the Eating Well website. This dish is insanely good! I love it!

You can to adapt this recipe to any number of servings you want--it's very simple! I used the two acorn squash from our week 19 share and the carnival squash we got last week.

The tomatoes, onion and bell pepper were also in our share--and I ALWAYS have garlic in the house. I used turkey sausage from Bolton's in Silverdale. [Susan's note: How about a veggie version next time?]

A can of low sodium black beans finished it off! Pay attention to the beans! Some of the brands I looked at had over 1000 mg. of sodium--which is ridiculous! I used the
O Organics brand which came in at about 400 mg of sodium.

My cat slotted spoon was almost as happy as I was when this was finished!


Velga said...

Thanks for posting that!
The squash was on the agenda for today's dinner!

Velga said...

I made some stuffed squash, but used Great Northern Beans, and oven-roasted tomato sauce, that already had onions, hot chile peppers,garlic,and bell peppers in it.
I added pesto and various cheeses.