Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkins Plus!

Behold the majestic muffin!

I think this is the first time we've ever made something besides a jack-o-lantern from a pumpkin! And because our carrot and parsnip patch is growing like crazy, I asked Gerry to look for a muffin recipe that included both pumpkin and carrots.

Yep, another shot of our carrots. We're so proud of actually GROWING something, we can't help ourselves. Yeah, we know they could have been thinned better so they wouldn't twist around each other, but we sort of like that!

I'm going to hand over the keyboard to Ger now so he can talk about making these, but before I do, I just want to say that they are really good!

My favorite cake is carrot cake. Hands down. I love how moist it is, I love the spices, I love the cream cheese icing. Of course, because Susan doesn't like cream cheese, I have to compromise and leave the icing out. But there is nothing better than a carrot cake! UNLESS it's this recipe for carrot/pumpkin cake!

These are delicious! Once again I have changed the recipe just a little bit. I don't keep canned pineapple in the house but I always have a couple of bags of those jumbo raisins from Trader Joe's, so I substituted the raisins for the pineapple. Combined with the fresh-from-the-garden carrots and fresh-from-the-farm, homemade pumpkin puree, these cakes (or muffins, if you like) are as moist as anything you'll ever have! See if you don't love them, too!

This week's share is coming tomorrow! We flaked this week and didn't remember our pick up until the last minute. Neil was kind enough to let us switch our pick up!

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Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

Gerry an Susan, these look fantastic, and thanks for the recipe. My son loves carrot cake, so I'm going to make this with the pumpkin in it for a change. I'm sure he will love it. You two are just fantastic, and I love your blog.